Accepting cryptocurrency could open an additional revenue stream for your small business and help you reach new customers. Many processing services are making it easy for small business owners to take digital currencies as payment. The value of Cryptocurrency can go up or down in a matter of minutes, making it very risky for some small business owners. Be mindful! Start with the most reputable currencies in the industry, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to start

  • Set up a Merchant Digital Wallet
  • Integrate Cryptocurrency into Your Points Of Sale
  • Link your bank account your digital wallet
  • Make Transactions Accounting-Friendly


  • keep 80/20 rule on your profit, cash out 80% asap and keep 20% as digital currency to invest.
  • Do not give your digital wallet information to any one
  • Be mindful on the apps your install in your devices
  • Hackers can and will steal Cryptocurrency if they gain access to you digital wallets
Should My Business Accept Cryptocurrency
Should My Business Accept Cryptocurrency