The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has rattled the global economy, disrupting virtually every major industry, from food, education, healthcare, fashion, and entertainment to automobiles and technology around the world.

If you’re considering what route your business should take, or if you’re an employee trying to help how your employer on how to respond to a potential increase of the virus, here are some specific steps, we recommend:

• Define a disaster recovery plan
• Establish a clear communication path
• Share plans with staff
• Examine all security policies
• Reevaluating BYOD policies
• Reevaluating remote-work policies
• Establish a remote work schedule
• Set daily/weekly remote work task
• Prepared for remote meetings
• Educate staff on cyber security awareness
• Limit non-essential employee travel
• Provide employee support
• Establish Secure remote access to business assets and online services.
• Create regular backups

How to prepare your business during Coronavirus
How to prepare your business during Coronavirus