Yes, iPhone viruses are rare, but not unheard of. The reason is that Apple’s Operating System is designed to run each app in a separate virtual space. Making interactions between apps is restricted and more difficult for a virus or malware to spread.

Jailbreaking” your iPhone will give you more control over your Operating System, but it also opens the door to hackers and makes your iPhone vulnerable to viruses and cyber-attacks. The App Store and Apple have a rigorous filtering process making it very difficult for infected apps to be available as a download.

How to protect your iPhone

  • Only download apps from the App Store
  • Review the app descriptions on the App Store
  • Make sure you read the app user reviews
  • Check out the number of app downloads
  • Always check permissions requested by the app
  • Keep operating system updated
  • Keep apps updated
  • Be mindful of using free Wi-Fi
Can my iPhone get a virus
Can my iPhone get a virus?