A bot is an independent program that can interact with systems or users to perform repetitive automated tasks, such as setting alarms, getting weather or doing online searches like Siri or Cortana. Bots can be used to be productive or for malicious purposes.

Here are 8 ways to optimize your business with bots

  1. Customer Service Bots: Automated Call Agents
  2. HR Bots: answer automated questions about a job opening, benefit or training
  3. Supply Chain Bots: help materials flow smoothly from order to delivery
  4. Branding Bots: can raise awareness about your products or services
  5. Marketing Bots: provide marketers insights that help strategies, monitor and organize campaigns.
  6. Sales Bots: use machine learning to provide sales with targeted information according to marketplace trends.
  7. Finance Bots: can automate journal entry, account reconciliation and allocation and fixed-asset account management.
  8. Risk Management Bots: Can monitor activities for breaches in cybersecurity compliance violations and threats
Improve your business productivity with 8 Business Bots
Improve your business productivity with 8 Business Bots